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How Will You Change The World Over The Next Year?

Dear Fellow Difference-Maker,

Imagine… You walk into a room full of nonprofit experts, business professionals, investors, philanthropists, industry leaders, and EVERYONE knows your name. Within an instant, you’re like family with like-minded and like-hearted social entrepreneurs! Now consider, they are all your friends, in fact, your family connected by purpose and passion.

It’s all about Connecting! As we so often teach…connect, connect, connect!
One connection, in an instant can change not just your life but the course of history. 

Connections in life make the magic happen… Connections create shortcuts and without them progress can be difficult and a very lonely place. Here is YOUR opportunity to change your life and the lives of others!
So What Is The Power Purpose Mastermind?
The Power Of Purpose Mastermind is your best chance to work with the most socially conscious minds in the country, share strategies and form partnerships that can last a lifetime. It was started in with five simple goals in mind:

1. To bring together the greatest minds in this new, exciting social enterprise-based economy to share strategies, offer advice and reveal what's working (and what's not working) several times each year.

2. To nurture a coalition between all of us that increase the level of individual success and shift the paradigm collectively, creating an ever-lasting impact in the world.

3. To create a support group of social entrepreneurs who each intimately understand the struggles, challenges and joys of building a lasting enterprise, and one where no brother or sister is ever left behind.

4. To create a much-needed peer accountability group that holds each of its members accountable to achieving their highest station in life.

5. To create, build, and leave a legacy that makes an impact and changes the world forever! 
Our Mastermind Members Get Extraordinary Value
Quarterly Meetings
(Value - $20,000)

We meet 4 times per year! At these meetings you'll get focused strategy time to actually work ON your nonprofit corporation instead of working IN your nonprofit, distraction FREE. Think about how much you can accomplish in a two-day roundtable meeting, free from interruption!
Monthly One On One Team Calls 
(Value - $10,000)

As a member you’ll be scheduled with twelve (12) 60-minute calls with the most powerful nonprofit team of experts in the country. This is includes Sherry Watson, Tracy Watson, Derek Watson, and Ed Rholl. On these calls you can discuss whatever is needed at your current state of nonprofit development, this includes strategy and answering your questions live!

Private Message Board 
(Value - $10,000)

This is a member favorite, because this is where you can get any question answered almost immediately by a Mastermind Mentor, adviser, or a fellow member.
Instant Access To All The Power Of Purpose Resources
(Value - $5,000)

Mastermind members receive instant access to all of The Power Of Purpose online products, services, and memberships. You get full access to The Power Of Purpose Campus, which includes Purpose Into Profits and Nonprofit University. You also receive lifetime access to The Power Of Free Real Estate software system PLUS access to our weekly live trainings! 

Facilitation For Gifts Of Real Estate
(Value - Priceless)

This is BIG! Mastermind members receive full access to our turn-key Real Estate Donation Program. This includes: 
Crafting your marketing campaign with The Power Of Free Real Estate
Through our sophisticated software system, we target a geographic location by county, city, and/or zip code to identify properties that are ideal candidates for a real estate donation. These ideal residential and commercial properties are defined as being free and clear, high equity, and/or vacant. We identify these properties by purchasing, aggregating, and filtering data from multiple sources including government agencies and other aggregates. We use our own algorithms to combine and filter and to ensure that is it is current and current.

Mail Marketing System 
The next step is taking the selected properties identified and importing them directly into our integrated automated mailing system. We have a multi-step mailing campaign that reaches the donor sellers with a phone number to contact our representatives.

Our Facilitation Program is where we handle every aspect of a charitable gift of real estate from start to finish! 

Evaluation - After receiving leads from our nonprofit partner will begin the facilitation process by evaluating the properties and needs of the donor.

Structuring Offers – The next step is submitting offers on the property leads received by the phone representative after evaluating the property and needs of the donor.

Negotiation – Based on acceptance, rejection or counter-offers the next step will be negotiation period with the seller donor. 

Closing and Funds Transfer – After an accepted offer the property will be moved to closing, 75% of the proceeds will be transferred to the nonprofit while our facilitating nonprofit will keep 25% as a facilitation fee. 

Post-Closing Documentation – The final step in the facilitation program will be providing the IRS Forms to the donor’s tax filings along with a thank you letter. 
**Get The Real Estate System You Need to Build a Profitable Nonprofit FAST!**
Travel, Travel, Travel! (Value - Priceless)

Let's just say we travel A LOT and as a Mastermind member, can feel free to meet up with us during our travels! When we travel to cities across the country for business, events, nonprofit activities, connecting with funders and legislators…we would love for our members to join us for networking, strategizing, and brainstorming! (NOTE: These travels aren't all work...there's plenty of time for sightseeing, exciting adventures, and FUN too!)
Early Access & Insights 
(Value - Priceless)

At The Power Of Purpose, we're known for figuring out new, and innovative strategies long before anyone else. Some of these strategies we discuss publicly, but our best discoveries never see the light of day. The only exception we make is at The Power Of Purpose Mastermind meetings. As a Mastermind member, you'll see it all. Better yet, you'll see it before anyone else sees it, giving you a MASSIVE advantage! 

Intimate Connection To Like-Minded Leaders And Professionals
(Value - Priceless)

Our single most valuable asset, the one that's made us a successful socially conscious business with thriving nonprofits all across the country that would be the most impossible to replace, is our relationships. As a Mastermind member, you'll tap into this same network.
You'll become friends with some of the amazing, most powerful active nonprofit minds in the industry today!
Member Services Concierge 
(Value - Priceless)

Whatever your need, we're here to help. Our VIP Concierge team is here to answer your questions, get you the resources you need, and keep all of us connected!

(Value - Priceless)

The group will hold your feet to the fire. If you commit to a plan at one meeting, you will be held accountable to that plan at the next by not just our Mastermind mentors, but by our members as well!
This Mastermind Is Not For Everyone
Our Mastermind is NOT for most, and frankly, some who apply are not accepted.

However, if you do manage get accepted, you'll be able to call some of the best and brightest minds in the world of social enterprise your friends…your family! If you understand that success in life is less about what you know or even WHOM you know...and more about WHO KNOWS YOU and WHAT YOU’RE ABOUT…

...then you're going to love this!

There Are A Few Rules In Our Mastermind
All information shared during our mastermind is strictly confidential and intended for member use only. Sharing confidential information (other than with your staff for use inside your own nonprofit) is strictly prohibited. 

You may bring ONE (and only ONE) guest to the meeting with you, assuming that person is a business partner in your core business and/or a spouse.

The Power Of Purpose Mastermind is for philanthropists, founders, and professionals only. We want you there in person to share and engage with us, please don’t send your employees in your stead. 
So How Do You Get Into The Power Of Purpose Mastermind?
Membership decisions are made by Mastermind Mentors and advisers on a case-by-case basis based on five major criteria:

     1. What you are able and willing to contribute to the group...

     2. Your nonprofit mission, focus and your probability to generate massive results...

     3. Your overall personality match to the existing group...

     4. Recommendations of other Mastermind members.
     5. Total commitment to build a sustainable nonprofit that will change the world forever. 

Are You Ready To Join Our Mastermind?
If you're reading this page and then the JOIN NOW button below, our representatives will be in contact with you shortly. 

Plus, our next meeting is coming up very soon so take action and contact us! 

 Or Contact Us at (505) 217-9333
Frequently Asked Questions...

When do the Mastermind meetings take place?

Meetings are held quarterly, four times per year.
Meetings start at 9:00am and go until at least 5:00pm, so members should plan to arrive the day before and fly out the day after the meeting. 
How do I know if I'm eligible to be a member?
To put it simply, if you’re active in social enterprise and looking to grow and you personally have something to add to the group, then we would love for you to apply.
My nonprofit is sustainably funded but we aren't strong in other creative fundraising techniques. Should I still join? 
ABSOLUTELY! The Power Of Purpose Mastermind is about growth. Period. 

 Or Contact Us at (505) 217-9333
Success Stories

"Sherry's program taught me how to get paid to help people in foreclosure. I now make $14,000 a month in my Nonprofit to keep individuals and families in their homes! I feel fantastic about the people I am able to help."

Teva Perrizo
San Diego, CA

"Just by using ONE of Sherry Watson's seven powerful, proven Grant Money Generating Secrets, I was able to receive tens of thousands of dollars in Grant Money that never has to be paid back to super-charge my nonprofit. And… this is just the beginning. I can't wait to see what happens next. "Thank you Sherry!"

Suzette Robello
Hayward, CA
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